Social Contribution Activities

We pursue activities along three key themes - education (people), the Earth (environment) and welfare (society) - in accordance with our Corporate Philosophy of "living and prospering together with people, society and the Earth."

Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities

As a good corporate citizen, Toyota Tsusho Corporation aims to "live and prosper together with people, society and the Earth," and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Promotion of Activities

Three key themes
Three key themes

Toyota Tsusho positions people (education), the Earth (environment) and society (welfare) as key themes in light of its Corporate Philosophy, and vigorously promotes social contribution activities around the world to help realize a more prosperous society.

In terms of specific activities, we select and implement substantive and effective programs that strike a balance among the following three approaches of "by company," "by officer and employee" and "by business activity." Toyota Tsusho also encourages officers and employees, supporting their participation in these activities, while the company as a whole voluntarily participates in activities in an autonomous manner aimed at realizing the creation of a prosperous society and at fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Results of social contribution activities in FY2016

Sector Activity details
Environment *1Joined in cleanup campaign in Fujimae tidal flat
*1Joined in cleanup campaign for the Osaka Marathon
*1Participated in "Kamikawanosato's Revitalization Project" in Hachioji-shi
*1Supported as volunteers for "Lots of Flowers Project" of Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden
*1Participated in coastal forest rejuvenation project of Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture
*1"My Own Chopsticks" making event
*1Participated in mowing activity in the coexisting forest of Sakai City
Social welfare Continuous support for the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program *2
*1Supported for the Japan Service Dog Association
Held a product fair in the office to support people with disabilities
*1Supported as volunteers for Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Toyama marathons
*1Participated in volunteer activity at Nagoya City Handi Marathon
*1Sponsored Tokai Wheelchair Twin Basketball Kariya Tournament and supported the tournament operations as volunteers
*1Participated in Tajimi Wine Festival as volunteers
*1Making shoes keeper
*1Participated in Social Contribution Hureai Plaza of All-Toyota Big Holiday
Invited children of child welfare institution to B. League
Education Supported foreign students in Japan through Toyota Tsusho Corporation International Student Scholarship
*1Held a campaign to Delivery Picture Books
*1Held a programme of delivering wooden toy blocks to the children in Tohoku disaster areas
*1Participated in Satoyama School of Toyota-shi Shinmori
Supported for young ambassador project of Study Abroad Initiative "Tobitate Leap for Tomorrow!"
Held basketball classes by Toyota Tsusho Fighting Eagles Nagoya for community exchange
Great East Japan Earthquake recovery support *1Participated in volunteer activities for restration support in Tohoku disaster areas
Held a fair in the office for the goods made in disaster areas of Tohoku
  1. *1In total, approximately 880 people of the employees and their family members took part in the volunteer activities.
  2. *2TFT is an NPO established to solve the dual problems of malnourishment in developing countries and dietary imbalance leading to obesity and lifestyle diseases in the developed nations. TFT promotes the distribution of school lunches in developing countries and the spread of healthy eating in the leading industrialized countries.